Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day Of School

I can't believe my little man has started school! Ok, it's just Mothers Day Out, and it's only two days a week, but they have a curriculum and he has to have a backpack and a lunch box, therefore it is school!


He was super excited to go the first day!



You will have to excuse the huge bruise he has in the middle of his head! He plays hard and is very hard-headed...which is a good thing I guess!


Look at his adorable backpack!



In case you don't know, that is Thomas the Train, but G calls him Tommy Choo-Choo! And that makes it even cuter!



He has two wonderful teachers that we love! They play games, and sing sings, and play outside! He has a big time!





He is such a big boy!!






  1. Your dad is right - you are both adorable! His Tommy Choo-Choo backpack is perfect for him. He is such a big boy.