Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Evernote App

As you all know, I love Pinterest! I love how I can organize everything on there. I have recently fallen in love with an app that is similar, in my opinion, to Pinterest. It is called Evernote!



I use Evernote all the time! It's like my own private Pinterest!


You have notebooks that you can put anything in and name them whatever you want. Here are some of my notebooks - bakery, cakes, crafts, crockpot recipes, desserts, freezer meals, etc.


In each notebook you can put pictures, ideas, web pages, even voice recordings.


As you can see, mine is mostly used for recipes of all kinds. I love that I can see something I like and just stick it here. It's easier for me to access this than Pinterest, so I put things I want to try, or things I really like.



You can put Evernote on your computer and phone too and they all sync! Which I love! Whether I am on my laptop or on my iPad, I can get to all my notebooks at any time!



You can also share notebooks with others. My hubby and I have been thinking about moving and when we go out looking at houses or land, or we see something we want in our new house we just add it to our notebook. When the notebook syncs, then we both have the same things in that notebook. I love that!



No, I am not getting paid for this Evernote promotion, although if they want to pay me, I would be open to it! I just really love this app and wanted to share it with you! You should check it out!


Do you use Evernote? Or do you have an app you can't live without? Share it with me! I'm always looking for great apps that make life easier, better, or just more fun!





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