Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target Score!

I went to a baby shower yesterday for a girl that I have known forever! She is like a little sister to me. Naturally, she got some extremely cute stuff for her baby girl that is on the way!

I made her a car seat cover in the colors of her nursery! I hope she loves it and gets some good use out of it! I am working on a tutorial for that and will hopefully have it up very soon!

So at the baby shower her oldest sister told me that some of the stuff that I was oohing and ahhing over came from Target and she told me there were some really good clearance items. I noticed that we happened to be very close to a Target, so my mom and I went there after the shower to see what kind of goodies we could find!

I got some t-shirts for my monkey...all were under $2.00!! The orange one was $0.87!! The other two were $1.74 each!

The most expensive thing I bought was this adorable outfit for Olivia! But at $6.98, that still wasn't too bad!!

Then I got four pairs of flip flops for the kiddos!

All of them cost $1.74 each!

Two of them are for Griffin for this year and the other two are for Griffin and Olivia for next year...hopefully they will fit next year!

So I got all this...

for less than $20.00!!!

So it was a BIG Target score!!! Woohoo!!

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