Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Gift

Friendship is something that I treasure so much!  I have had many friends throughout my life...some better than others, but there has been one friend that has always been there for me.  We have been friends since the fourth grade!  I actually remember that first day of fourth grade and seeing her walk through the door.  We were friends immediately!

Life has led us on different paths, but we have remained friends through it all.  I love our relationship's so easy! 

We can go a few days or even a few weeks without talking then pick up right where we left off.  There is none of the awkward, "why haven't you called me" stuff with us.  It's what I feel a true friendship should be like.  

We are both married now and both have two wonderful kids!  Last Christmas we decided that we don't need to get each other Christmas or birthday presents.  We can just get things for the kids, and our present to each other will be just spending time together (which is hard to do these days)! 

She just turned 30!!  I wanted to do a little something for her, so I decided to give her a Blow-Pop bouquet that I have seen so many places before.

Here it is:

I put a little card on the bouquet:

When we were young we loved Blow-Pops!  We used to go on trips together all the time for volleyball and basketball and we would get Blow-Pops and have a contest for who could eat it the slowest. (Yeah, it's silly, but we were kids and I guess we had nothing better to do!) 

I would always win!  She is the type that has to bite a sucker.  She would last for a while then she would say, "I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE!  YOU WIN!" Then she would take a big bite! 

These memories make me smile!  Thanks for letting me share!


If you want to make your own candy bouquet, it's super simple! 

All you need is a vase (or something to hold the suckers) - I got this one at the Dollar Store.
Styrofoam (for flowers arrangements) and suckers of your choice.

Just put the styrofoam in the vase (I shaved it down a little to make it fit better).  Then stick the suckers all around.  

Simple, and I think she really liked it!