Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  

I have never been a very big fan of Halloween.  I liked it when I was a kid and got all the candy, but when I got too old to trick-or-treat, I just really didn't care.  But now that I have kids, I think it's fun again!  

Ok, it might be because I have an excuse to have lots of candy in my house and don't feel like a terrible person for it!  I don't care!  

Saturday night we had some of our friends and their kids come over for a Halloween party.  It wasn't your typical Halloween party where everyone dresses up and all the food is Halloween themed.  It was really just an excuse to have our friends over!  The kids dressed up and the parents got to have adult interaction!  

We had fun, but most importantly, the kids had fun!!  

 I made a Happy Halloween sign and hung it in a picture frame, and some candy corn garland.  

I also had to Halloweenify our family photos that sit on the mantle. 

I used dry erase crayons!  

This picture was when I was preg with Olivia, so she is a punpkin!  I am a cat, Daddy is a cowboy-sheriff and Griffin is an alien! 

I had fun with that!

I made some cupcakes for the party too!

I melted chocolate to make the decorations on the top. 

 There were Jack-O-Lanterns...

 ...And cowboy hats...

...and spiders...

 Does that look like a spider to you?  It looks like a roach to me!  Which really grosses me out!  Way more than the spider does! 

I tried to make a monkey for my little monkey, but it didn't turn out so well!  That's hard to do with chocolate!!

Another roach.  I mean, spider!!

And there had to be spider webs, of course! 

The cupcakes were fun! I enjoyed making them!

And eating them!!

 The costumes that we decided on for the kids were a monkey (since we already had the costume) and a zookeeper/monkey trainer!  

My daughter was not in the monkey suit very long because she was so hot, then Halloween night the camera just didn't want to take pictures!  (Gotta love that!)  So I don't currently have any pictures of them in their costumes, but I will get them all dressed up again and take some so you can see! 

I hope you had a fun holiday and didn't get too sick from eating all your kids' candy!  ;)

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