Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoo Day

Things were pretty crazy around here last week.  My husband has a lot going on and is making some big decisions and that has him pretty stressed out.  So he decided he was going to take a day off of work and we were going to take our big boy to the zoo!  He knows what most of the animals are and what sounds they all make, so we figured it was time to take him to see all the animals! 

We also decided to let our baby girl have her first sleepover with her Mimi!  So Wednesday I took the kids to my mom's and we played then Olivia got to stay and Griffin and I went home. 

I missed my little girl SO much!  I feel so silly saying that!  She was only away from me for a little while!  And Griffin stayed with my mom when he was even younger than this....I'm just a silly Mom! 

Then on Thursday we went to the zoo!

My handsome guys looking at the monkeys!

Griffin has a panda that he LOVES!!  Actually it's his second panda...the first one got loved so much that it is in bad shape!  And I love the way he says "panda".  He leaves the D out, so it sounds like "pana" cute!!

So we were very excited to show him a real panda!  He was pretty excited too!


We packed a picnic lunch to eat at the zoo!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders!  (Isn't this the required zoo picture?)

We had to stop for a few photography sessions throughout the day!

He's getting to be such a big boy!

I just love this picture!

Griffin and Mommy! 

Griffin riding a cow!

We had such a good time at the zoo with our big boy!  

Thanks for looking at our fun day!

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