Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Year Older

The older people get, the more I find that they don't like celebrating their birthdays.  I don't know why!  I love my birthday!  I love when my friends and family take time out of their day to let me know they are thinking about me and they love me!  It makes me feel special!  

Besides, I have heard it said that birthday's are good for you...the more you have, the longer you live! 

I had a great birthday this year!  I hung out with my mom during the day and got to spend the evening with my wonderful family.  Then last night my hubby and I went to dinner, just the two of us to celebrate!  It's always so nice to have date nights! 

My mom brought me this HUGE cookie cake!  

It was YUMMY!!! ...Or IS yummy!  It will not all get eaten!  I told my mom how much I loved it, but next time, don't get me such a big one!!!  

Mom also brought me some gifts!  She's such a good Mommy!  

 This is my mom (a.k.a. Mimi) with my Monkey!

Mimi with all her grandbabies and grandpuppies!

Sweet baby girl!!

One of the gifts mom gave me was a book of cupcakes!  

Monkey loved the cupcake book!  He wouldn't let me take it away from him!  He especially liked the ducks on the back!

My hubby gave me an Edible Arrangement!  I was SO excited!

I have always wanted one of these! When we see the Edible Arrangement van driving down the street I always say, "Oh look, someone is getting an Edible Arrangement.  Someone must really love them!"  (They are quite expensive!)  

The fruit is so good!  I think Monkey has eaten more than anyone!  It's really a gift for the entire family!   

Thank you to my family and friends for another wonderful birthday!  I look forward to having many, many more!  Like I said before, the more I have, the longer I'll live! 

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