Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Blanket

I love making blankets for my kids!  Anytime I am at a fabric store I can find things to make at least three different blankets that my kids would love...or that I would love to make for my kids!  So I have to really make an effort NOT to buy everything in the store!  

I was at Hancock's one day and saw this pink John Deere fabric.  So cute!  I'm a sucker for paisleys!

I took a picture of it and showed my hubby.  He asked why I didn't get it, and said that I should have!  Now trust me, this does not ever happen!!  So I went back the next day and got it, along with some brown minky, and started on a blanket.  

I decided to give the blanket to Livi for Christmas.  (Please excuse the terrible photos!  I was trying to take pictures while my son and dog just wanted to lay on the blanket!)

I wanted Livi's name to look a little worn on the edges, so I just sewed a straight line to attach the letters and they frayed a little.  It's the look I was going for!

 I think she likes it! 

The minky is super soft! 

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