Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Party

 People always tell you that time flies by so quickly.  I think you never truly understand how fast until you have children.  

My little boy turns two years old today!  I can't believe time has passed so is that even possible?

There is no way it was two years ago that he came into our lives!

He was so little!!

Since for some reason the clock is in super-speed and he is growing way to fast, we figured we should go along with it and celebrate his second birthday.  (Even though there is no way he's really that old!) 

We decided to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party for him.  He LOVES Mickey!  And he loves the Hot Dog Song! So it seemed like a good idea!

I put the Clubhouse on the garage door!

Griffin LOVED that!  

 I made ears for the kids to wear, and some bigger ones for Mommy and Daddy! This table is in the entry way of the house. 

This is the goodie bags that the kids got.  There is a Mickey coloring book, Mickey crayons (I was so excited about those!), and some Disney character Pez dispensers!  

I wanted the house to look really fun.  I had some streamers and wanted to something a little different with them.  I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, and hung the streamers from the fan with a hula hoop! 

 It looked very cool!

I also made both of the kids t-shirts!  You can't really tell from this picture, but Olivia's had sparkles in it and a sparkly bow on top!

The food was something we put lots of thought into...

 We had Clarabelle's Cookies. 

They were Oreos and mini Oreos that I took apart and put back together with melted chocolate.

 There was also Daisy's Delicious Dip.  It really was delicious!

Donald's Drinks

Pete's Pizza Bites

Hot Diggity Dogs (of course!)

Pluto's Puppy Chow (I'm not sure what happened to the tag that went in front of the bowl!)

Minnie's Mini M&Ms!

Goofy's Goldfish

And Mickey Mouse Clubs!

Lots of people at the party were very shocked that I didn't make Griffin's cake this year, but I did all the decorations and all the food, and it was just easier to buy one.  I looked at the cakes at Kroger and saw this edible icing picture.  It was PERFECT!!  So we went with that!  (If it had been lame, then I would have made the cake, but I really did love it!)

This is the banner I made for the birthday boy!

We of course, had to have a Toodles for the wall!

I also drew pictures of the characters to hang on the wall...




And Goofy!

I am going to cut these pictures out and hang them in Griffin's room when I take all the decorations down.  

My hubby told me he was proud of everything I did, and that we did a really good job!  That meant so much to me!  

I know that Griffin had a great time at his birthday party, and I hope all of our guests did too!  Here are a few pictures from the party...

Happy Birthday Griffin Lee!!!   I love you so much!!


  1. Just adorable. Great job. What a lot of work and with 2 babies to take care of.

  2. Thank you so much! My little girl is so mobile now which means I have to keep one eye on her and one on my son! It's tough, but I really love doing stuff like this! I'm glad you liked it!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. where did you get construction paper big enough for the garage club house? cool idea

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