Sunday, February 12, 2012

Volleyball Taggie Blanket

After I made the bibs for Olive, I wanted to use the ribbon for something else.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided I wanted to make her a taggie blanket!  Besides, the tags are her favorite part of any toy!  

One side is pink...

And the other side is black!

The tags are turquoise and green ribbons (those are my favorite colors!) and the volleyball ribbons

Here is my adorable little model again!

She didn't know what to think at first!

She's such a good model, posing like that!


She loves this game!

And of course, the tags go in her mouth!

This is the first taggie blanket I have made, and I was really happy with it!  Olivia seems to like it too!  Now she's ready for volleyball tournaments with Mommy!


  1. What a great idea. Babies love tags. My baby niece can find the most hidden tag on something and then she sucks it. lol

  2. Thank you!! Isn't it funny how that is their favorite part?!