Saturday, March 10, 2012


 Last week I went with my hubby to Nashville.  While he was working, the kids and I went running around.  We went to Kohl's and I found these really cute pajamas for Griffin.  They were on clearance for $6.60!  I decided that was a really good price, and they are just so darn cute, so I got them! 

I went to the checkout and got ready to pay.   I pulled my credit card out and the cashier just handed me the receipt and the bag with the pj's in it.  I was confused and the girl told me she had a coupon for $10 off that she scanned.  

I was still confused, but she assured me I was done with my transaction. 

Here is my receipt.

Check out that total!  


So Griffin got some FREE pajamas!!  That's the best kind!!  

And he loves them!!

He love that they have guitars on them...or as he says, "Key-tar"!  He's so darn cute!!

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