Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Obsession

I have always been a doodler!  In high school, I was the one that was always writing people's names in cute ways and I always had cool pens to do it in!  My friends kept telling me that I should take art.  I never really liked taking art though.  I think it's because I don't like to be told what to draw or paint.  I have to be inspired and in the mood.  I don't like to just draw a bowl of fruit on demand!

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my son that I picked up drawing again.  I painted these pictures to hang in his room. 

I was very surprised at myself that they were so good!  

Then for his 2nd birthday I drew these characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to hang on the wall.  After the party I hung them in his room.

Again, I was surprised at how good the characters turned out.  I have been told that I don't give myself enough credit.  I know that I can draw fairly well, and I definitely can doodle, but I just don't consider myself an artist.

I do enjoy doodling though!  Thanks to Pinterest, I have now realized that doodling is not just a waste of time and ink!  There are people that doodle for a living!  There are books out there about how to do it, and there are classes and all kinds of things!  That makes me feel good!  

But they aren't really considered doodles, they are called Zentangles!  So Zentangles are my new obsession!  I bought a moleskin notebook and have been drawing in it as much as I can.  

Here are a few of the things I have done lately.

I love crosses, and I love this one!

This one was inspired by Joanne Fink.  She is one of the zentangle queens!   I love this quote!

And this is one of my favorites!

I really love doodling!  No matter what's going on, I can completely zone out and draw!

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