Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hospital Gift

 When my sister-in-law was in the hospital having her daughter, I went to visit and took her a little "survival" kit.  I have been in the hospital twice while having babies, and once for a week when my daughter was in the children's hospital.  People came by to visit and brought things to us and I appreciated it so much!  So I wanted to do the same for my sis-in-law.  

Here is the box I took to her, full of goodies!

I didn't have a basket or box that I could take everything in, and I wanted it to look nice, so I started looking around the house and found a wipes box!  That could definitely work!

 I cut the top flaps off of the box.

I found some pretty scrapbooking paper that I wanted to cover the box in.

I sprayed the box with spray adhesive and stuck the paper on.

I folded the top of the paper into the box so the inside wouldn't just look like a cardboard box!

Next, I put Georgia's name on the front of the box, just for a little extra "something".

I love packing tape!  It's great for making things look like they are laminated, or have a smooth finish!

So I covered the whole box in strips of packing tape.  

You can see in this picture, when the light hits it just right that it looks like it's laminated!

 Here is everything that I put in the box.  It's got all kinds of things! 

PB crackers
small deodorant
body spray
hand sanitizer
hair rubber bands
breath mints
wisp tooth brushes
lip gloss
baby blankets
baby hats

If you are going to take anything to the hospital, I suggest these Colgate wisps!  After I had my first baby, the medicine they gave me made me very sick.  I still couldn't get up to brush my teeth, and that is just a horrible thing to not be able to brush you teeth after getting sick!  My cousin was there and had one of these in her was a lifesaver!  I seriously think I heard angels singing when she pulled it out of her purse!  So now I bring these to everyone I visit in the hospital!!

Another great thing to take is cups!  When I was in the children's hospital with Livi, a friend brought me a stack of cups...This was a GREAT thing to bring!  Hospitals never have cups for visitors (or the Mommy and Daddy, for that matter)  It was nice to have a bigger cup than the little one they let you have!  

So I made sure to give her a stack of cups!

 I also put some hats that I made for my daughter before she was born.  She obviously can't wear them anymore and I thought that would be nice to give to my niece!

The last thing I put in the box was a chocolate Tulip for the new Mommy! 

Onto the box, I tied this Princess balloon! 

Take all your goodies and put them in the box in a pretty way, and you're done!!

I think it turned out really cute!  

My sister-in-law was very appreciative! 

 I like doing things for people that lets them know I care! This was just one way to do that!

What are some things that would make a hospital stay more tolerable for you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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