Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tip for Lettuce

I enjoy being in the kitchen for short periods of time.  I love cooking, but I don't cook too many things that take a long time to fix.  My goal in the kitchen is to do come up with as many short cuts as possible!  

One thing I like is salads, but I don't want to have to chop the lettuce every time I want one.  I could buy the already chopped lettuce in the bags, but then I would be paying for someone else to chop my lettuce!  I can do it myself!!

I showed this to my husband and he thought I was a genius!  I didn't come up with this, I saw it somewhere a long time ago, and have done it ever since.  

Take your head of lettuce in both hands with the stem laying flat on the counter.  Then pick it up and SLAM it down on counter!  Make sure the stem hits the counter pretty flat.  I usually slam it a couple of times. 

Then you grab the stem and pull it out.  That's it!  

You will have a neat little hole in the lettuce.

It just takes the core out of the lettuce.  Now you can chop all the lettuce and not have to worry about cutting around the core!

Now it's easy to grab to make a salad, or put on sandwiches, or whatever else you want it for!

Try this out!  If nothing else, it's a great way to get out a little frustration!  


  1. My mom taught me this years ago. Do find the lettuce stays much fresher when you use this method? I do.

  2. Since you said this was a great way to "get out a little frustration", I now have several hundred pounds of "cored lettuce".
    We need more tips for getting rid of frustration...maybe some that involve chocolate...???