Saturday, August 25, 2012

When A Two Year Old Gets A Sharpie

Does that title make you cringe? It sure makes me! Oh wait, let me add a little kick to it...


...and colors on your couch!!


How about now? This happened a few weeks ago now, but it is still a sensitive subject around our house!



I'm still not exactly sure how he got a Sharpie, but this is what happened...



You know, if you look at it with an artistic eye, it kinda looks like an abstract cat...oh wait, I'm upset about this....


So in this moment of panic, thinking that my couch is ruined, what do we do? Go ask the Great Google, of course! (What did we ever do without Google?) I found several ideas of how to clean it...a few being an alcohol solution, hairspray, and nail polish remover. All of those ideas scared me! Then I read something about using WD-40. We decided to try it.


Since WD-40 is a "manly" item, I figured this was a job for the hubby!



He got a clean towel and sprayed the WD-40 on it and slowly rubbed in small circles. Apply a little more WD-40, more circles, and so on. After a few minutes...



IT WORKED!!! I really couldn't believe it!


I have had many people ask me how I then got the WD-40 out of the couch, but I didn't have too. I thought it would leave a greasy feeling or a film on the couch, but it didn't. I did go over the spot with another clean towel, just to make sure, but I didn't have to clean that out like I thought I would.


I was also concerned about it attracting dirt and looking bad in other ways, but now a few weeks later, it still looks just like new!


I am SO glad that came out of my couch! My creative little monster is glad too, so he didn't get shipped off to military school!!


I hope you never have someone draw abstract cats on your couch, but if you do I suggest the WD-40 method!





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