Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monster Cake

It's funny to me how Pinterest is EVERYWHERE!!


So many people are on this website now! I can't go to a baby or wedding shower, or birthday party without someone saying, "I saw that on Pinterest," or "I got this idea on Pinterest!" It is an amazing website for all things crafty, DIY, and great ideas!


When I do cakes for people they usually tell me they got an idea for the cake from there too. The last cake I made was no exception. I did a birthday cake for my son's best friend! He was having a monster themed party and his mom, my friend, sent me a cake she found on Pinterest. I don't like to do exact replicas of other people's cake, so I asked her if I could have a little creative license with the cake. She told me to do whatever I wanted! I love it!!


Here is what I came up with...

I am SO proud of this little monster!!

I also decided to have a little fun with the inside of the cake! It is a Devil's food chocolate cake! Also, i knew that the dad LOVES Oreos, so I made an Oreo buttercream filling!

This cake was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! In fact, it could be the best cake I have ever made!
Check out the "fur"!


Everyone said it really looks like hair! It was made with the grass decorating tip.



The monsters eyes are Oreos too! I split them open very carefully and put some lollipop sticks in them so they would stand up. I covered them in white chocolate and used the star tip to put the eyelids on. Then the pupils of the eye are made with milk chocolate.


The mouth was also made out of milk chocolate and the teeth were white chocolate.



I took this picture as the cake cake was being cut. I thought it looked funny! It looks like a big smile! And that is what everyone did when they saw this cake...big smiles!


Now I have to show off my adorable kiddos!


This is my little man and The birthday boy! They had a bounce house and it was incredibly hot in there, so the kids were taking a break to have their monster juice! Notice the cute cups with googley eyes!



Here are my monsters in the bounce house! They had so much fun!



And my beautiful little girl!




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