Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ridiculously Hot!

Here in Memphis, the heat and humidity is ridiculous! Yesterday we did some running around and my truck said it was 105 degrees! The heat index was 115! That's just crazy!

It was so hot that as soon as you step outside you immediately start sweating. So during all this heat we went to Hobby Lobby...where they have Christmas stuff out...CHRISTMAS!!! IT'S JULY!! And too dang hot to think about Christmas, people!

I feel that during this heat it's a good time to show you one of my cakes I made for a friend.

She was in the Peace Corps and was located in Africa for two years. When she came back I was starting to get into cake-making. So I told her I needed to practice on her! I made this Africa cake for her!

Here it is:

It is chocolate cake with coffee buttercream! YUM!!

I found an Africa shape on the internet, printed it out, cut it out, then laid it on top of the fondant and cut around it.

The elephants, trees and birds were all freehand with an exacto knife. It took a while to do those, but I love the way it turned out!

My friend LOVED it!! She let me know that I am welcome to practice my cake skills on her anytime!! Only a true friend would offer that, right?!

For my birthday this past year my wonderful hubby and dad got me a Cricut Cake! ( Hubby and Dad both got me in I got TWO! I told them I would say they both got me one! I took one back and got some cartriges for it which is even better!) I LOVE my Cricut Cake! And it sure would have make this cake a hundred times easier!

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  1. Can u tell me how to make this...I adopted two boys from Ethiopia and they are getting ready to turn one! This would be fantastic!