Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still HOT!

Yep, it's still five hundred degrees outside! Too hot to let my little monkey go outside and play so we make due inside. Griffin finds all kinds of things to do and get into!

He loves playing in his sisters bouncer! He can really make it bounce!

He likes playing on his tractor while wearing Daddy's cut-the-grass hat!

And he likes putting bowls on his, he must get that from his Daddy!

He loves his "pow pow" too!

And we end up having lots of photo sessions lately!

Here is my baby girl. She is getting so big!

She has found her hands!

Hello there!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Love those big eyes!

Photo sessions wear them out! That means craft/blog time for Mommy! Yay!

So in keeping with the hotter-than-blazes feel, I will show you a tropical cake I made.

This one I made for a Hawaiian themed birthday party.

It was a white cake with white buttercream covered in fondant.

The flip flops, flowers and palm tree are made of gum paste.

My favorite part was the 'K' I made! It looks like black diamonds!

I made it with gum paste and painted it black with vodka and food coloring. Then I covered it with black sugar sprinkles. It was too dark and I thought it needed a little more dimension so I put just a few light green sprinkles on it. So cool!!

The birthday girl loved her letter and said she wanted to keep it forever!

Thanks for looking! Stay cool out there!

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