Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blankets for my Babies-Part 2

Before Olivia was born I wanted to make her a blanket like I had done for Griffin. I'm not much for the girly pink colors, so I wanted it to look like it was for a girl but not to be too "girly". I looked for a long time to find some fabric that I liked.

I finally found it! The fabric is brown with pink and turquoise paisleys. I love paisleys! I immediately fell in love with this fabric!

The back is a soft, thin fleece. I put a hot pink silk binding strip around the edges. I was so happy with how it turned out!

I put a label on it that says "Created by Mommy"! Love that!

Here is Griffin checking it out before his little sister gets here.

I guess he likes it!

And Olivia likes it too! I just went through all my pictures and realized I have no pictures of her on her blanket. Which is weird because she lays on it all the time! I guess usually when she is laying in the floor I am trying to keep her big brother and the dog from running over her and not worried about taking pictures!

I guess I will have to show pictures of Olivia enjoying her blanket later!

Thanks for looking!

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