Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blankets For My Babies!

I love making things for my kids! Anything! And I especially love it when they love what I make them! I think the easiest thing to make is blankets. I am a little bit of a blanket whore!

Yep, I said it! I love blankets! I love soft ones, and fluffy ones, and pretty ones..I have WAY too many blankets and yet I always want more!

So I guess I am trying to pass my obsession on to my kids! I have made Griffin several blankets and I have already made Olivia three!

Here is my favorite blanket I have made for Griffin.

I made this one a while ago. I saw a blanket similar to this online somewhere a long time ago and it always stuck in my head. I finally decided to make one using my favorite colors!

The back side of it is fleece. It's soft!

I think Griffin likes it!

And Toby likes it too!

I'll share my favorite blanket that I have made for Olivia tomorrow!

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