Friday, August 26, 2011

Sewing Kit

I am one of the unfortunate crafters that does not have a craft room...or even a specified craft area! I pretty much have to do my crafts wherever I find space and whenever I can find the time.

When I am sewing, I always find myself going back and forth from where I am sitting to where my sewing materials are stored to get things.

I keep seeing these pretty sewing kits at craft stores, but they are just so expensive and not matter how much I needed or wanted one, I just couldn't bring myself to pay $40 for one.

The other day I was at Hancock's and was looking at them again. As soon as I saw the price tag, I just shook my head and walked away. It's just too much money right now. Then I went to the check out and the lady in front of me had one. It rang up normal price and she told the cashier that she thought it was on sale. After checking, she put in a code and it rang up for $16!!!

WHAT?!!? $16?? I got out of line and went to look at them again!!!

I had so much trouble deciding on one. There were so many cute ones!

Here is the one I settled on!

I love it!!

It has storage area in the bottom.

And everything is so organized on the top!

I am so glad I got this!! And I LOVE that it was only $16! Woohoo!!

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