Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elephant 1st Birthday Party

It has been way too long since I last posted!  Between birthday parties, planning a bridal shower, and now looking for a new house, things have been busy!  But no excuses, let's just move on!!

My baby girl just turned ONE!  It's amazing how fast time passes!  How is it possible that it goes so fast after you have children?  

We decided to have her first birthday party be an elephant theme!  I am crazy about elephants, which naturally means she loves them too!! 

We have a lot of elephant things around the house, which made for easy decorating!  

Here is the mantle with lots of stuffed elephants on it!  And the monthly pictures of our big girl!

For the first year, I always take pictures of my babies every month.  It's fun to look back and see how they have grown!

Then her one year picture is in the frame in the middle of the mantle!

I made these tissue paper pom-poms and hung them from the fan with a hula hoop.  The hula hoop was really ugly, so I took a plastic table cloth and cut in half long-ways, and wrapped it around the hula hoop.  (My arms almost fell off!  I suggest doing this BEFORE you hang everything!)

I found these cute elephants at Jo-Ann's.  They are for a classroom bulletin board, but were perfect for what I wanted!

This is a foam sheet with foam glitter letters.  I doodled the flowers on it.  I think I will hang it in Livi's room!

Here is the food table!  YUMMY!!

I put black and clear polka dot duct tape and pink duct tape on the water bottles to give them a fun look! 

I think they turned out pretty cute!!

 We had fresh fruit with marshmallow creme dip...So good!!

Fresh veggies with homemade Ranch dip.

Crack dip with tortilla chips

And a cheese tray.

We also had meatballs that I forgot to take a picture of!

This is the plates that we had.  They were so cute! 

There were matching cups and balloons too!!

I bought some candy molds from Jo-Ann's too.  These were the kind that you put Oreo's in, but I may have forgotten to buy some Oreo's!  Oh well, I just made them little chocolate candies!  No one knew the difference!

I also got these cute cupcake molds!  

I love them!!  I put them in a foam block that I wrapped with tissue paper!

My favorite ones are the elephants!!  I love how they turned out!!

And what's an elephant party without Peanuts?!!

And real peanuts too, of course!!  Especially because Daddy loves peanuts!

Here is the cake I made!

I am SO proud of how it turned out!!  I got the cake pan from Michael's.

This is the smash cake!  I love how it turned out too!

Here is my big birthday girl!!

Livi and Daddy!

Bubba was so excited that he got to help Sissy with her cake!

Here are a few extra things I did for the party...

I got these candle holders at the Dollar Store.  I covered them with Mod Podge and glitter.  They are so pretty!!  And they matched the decor perfectly!!

This jar is filled with Hershey's and Reese's eggs.  The colors were perfect for the party!  There is also a 1 candle in there!  I tied one of the elephant balloons to the jar.

 I made these elephant favors for the party!  They are felt that I sewed together.  They are so cute!! 

I think Olivia's first birthday party was a huge success!   We had lots of fun and made lots of great memories!

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  1. Wow you really went all out. In the years to com she will love looking at the pictures and hearing about her party. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing. I hope you share your bridal shower ideas. I will be in the market for ideas in a few months.