Friday, April 27, 2012

Diet Cake

I know, the title of this post is confusing!  The words "diet" and "cake" don't usually go in the same sentence...unless you say, "I want a piece of cake, but I'm on this stupid diet!"  Then they totally go together!  

But now you can be on a diet AND have cake!!!  And it's super simple!!  

It only takes 2 ingredients!!  

I used Funfetti cake and Diet Cherry 7-Up.

You can use one can of soda or you can use 8 oz, if you bought more than you actually needed, like I did! 

Now are you ready for the easiest cake EVER???  

Pour cake mix into a bowl.

Slowly pour soda in with cake mix.  (Slowly so you don't get too much fizz!)

Mix together.

Pour in cake pan or cupcake pan.

Easy so far, right?  Are you still with me?? 

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

The cake doesn't get too brown.

You can top it with some Cool Whip and you have a low fat, low calorie dessert that tastes fabulous!

It is super-moist!!!  

I totally killed the "diet" part of this cake with my topping!!  I had some buttercream left over from the volleyball cupcakes  that I made a few days before.  But I topped it with fresh sliced strawberries, so that makes it better, right?!!

No matter what you top it with, it is a really delicious cake!  And the fact that it is so low in calories is a super bonus!!    

There are tons of other variations you can try too!  Chocolate cake and Diet Dr. Pepper is the next one I want to try!

This entire cake only has 1600 calories!!  So that means if you were to sit down and eat the ENTIRE thing, you would have less calories than eating an order of large fries and large Coke and either a Whopper, or Big Mac, or Wendy's Double with Cheese!!  Wow!!  And seriously, who is going to sit down and eat an entire cake?  But if you do, don't feel so bad!!  


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